[Firefox] Download Youtube Videos Much BYTubeD

To download videos from youtube are now so many do, either with software, manual download youtube, special websites, the plugin / addon firefox and so forth. Special to download many videos at once, for Firefox users can take advantage of plugins on this one.

BYTubeD is a Mozilla Firefox plugin that allows you to download a lot of youtube videos at once.

Add-on for Firefox will detect the youtube video links in our website pages open. Furthermore all the video links will be displayed and you can select one or more video to our downloads.

BYTubeD provide video in FLV format (Flash video) or MP4, and can be set to search for high quality video if any (HQ – High Quality).

Download and Installation

To download nd install plugins (add-on) firefox is relatively easy. Just open the page BYTubeD – Bulk YouTube Video Downloader with Firefox, then just click “Add to Firefox”, then the addon will run the installation process. Once completed restart Firefox to bsia run it.

How to Use

The first time you open a web page embedded youtube videos, then open BYTubeD by right-clicking the page and select the menu BYTubeD. Furthermore BYTubeD will display a list of youtube videos that are available.

Maybe at some websites, the list will not show video. If this occurs, just open the video directly on the website Youtube.

After the video list to appear, we can choose one or more of these videos (by pressing Ctrl-click), then specify where the location of video storage. If you want to download video in high quality (HQ), then select option MP4> FLV, MP4 videos will be searched automatically if any, if none, to download the FLV format. When finished just click Start to start the download.

To use this Add-on, make sure to use the web browser Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above.

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