Video Tutorial Microsoft Office 2003 commands in Office 2007

For those of you who have started to switch to Microsoft Office 2007 and earlier was used with Office 2003/Xp/2000, might find it difficult to adapt to her new appearance (Ribbon). Display menus that change is sometimes confusing to find the commands used in previous Office.

There are easy tips for those who want to know the location of new menus of Office 2007 from Office before (in 2003, including Office XP/2000).

Microsoft itself has anticipated this by making a video tutorial / reference (interactive) for the previous version of Office users who want to use Office in 2007 (although I am not like the new look is to change the standard / habit).

Video references are available for all of its Office 2007 products (such as word Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and others). This video tutorial is a Macromedia Flash application (with the size of tutorials about 2 MB – 4 MB), so it is necessary to run Macromedia Flash Player.

Video tutorials (reference) can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s site. More open the following link, and click the Download button is available there.

* Reference Word 2003 commands in Word 2007 (1.5 MB)
* Reference Excel 2003 commands in Excel 2007 (1.5 MB)
* Reference PowerPoint 2003 commands in PowerPoint 2007 (1.5 MB)
* Reference Access 2003 commands in Access 2007 (3.3 MB)
* Reference Outlook 2003 commands in Outlook 2007 (2.0 MB)

Once downloaded, just run the exe file (eg wd2003_2007CmdRef.exe for Word 2007), it will be in the show command to install the application, which will then be asked the location of the folder / directory where the files will be placed this tutorial. Once completed, the live run this installation file, for the word will be named Interactive – Word 2003 to Word 2007 command reference.exe

How to Use

Use this interactive video tutorial is very easy, after the file is run, click the Start menu, then we can just choose / click the menus of Office 2003 appearance, then automatically, will be shown the location of the menu / command in Office 2007. How to use for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Outlook together



With this application, to find the location of the common Office 2007 commands in Office 2003 will be easier and faster. For those who want cheap and free alternatives, could use OpenOffice.

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  1. AndiPb says:

    Very nice tutorial…

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