eiknujomorpeiknujomorp become more widely used word by the webmaster. Why? Because Eiknujomorp is a key word of an SEO contest which held by seo PromoJunkie.

eiknujomorp is the opposite of PromoJungkie. eiknujomorp words are keywords that are targeted in the seo contest. Now the word eiknujomorp used as keywords to be aimed by many webmasters who are members of “Webmaster Forum” from around the world. Eiknujomorp words are the keywords to target in a seo contest. This blog has also  participated in the contest seo eiknujomorp.

Actually eiknujomorp is seo contest held by PromoJungkie Webmaster Forum. This blog is only two times that held the contest seo seo PromoJungkie. I also hope this blog can appear on the front page of http://www.google.com.

Previously, this blog is also being followed two similar seo contest is Used Stationary Bike and Indonesia Handicraft Furniture Wholesale Marketplace. Both contests will also use http://www.google.com as a jury.


Reward offered in eiknujomorp seo contest are as follows:

1st Place: $ 200.00 Cash (Must rank 1st position to win)
2nd Place: $ 100.00 Cash (Must rank 2nd position to win)
3rd Place: $ 50.00 Cash (Must rank 3rd position to win)

I think, is not easy to be a winner in the contest seo webmaster eiknujomorp because the world participated in the contest seo. This blog is still really new to follow the international level such as eiknujomorp seo contest.

At the national level, this blog article http://www.google.co.id often entering the front yard. However, it seems very difficult to http://www.google.com. Now I wish I could get a better result in eiknujomorp seo contest.

Your support and prayers of all for me to win the contest seo eiknujomorp, I really hope. Thank you for your support. (eiknujomorp)

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